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Friday, December 31, 2010


a memorable day~
today will be a nice day..
the first day of a new year=) hee..
i m so glad that yesterday nite celebrate n countdown a new year with my frens^^
ow, not to forget=P
yesterday nite i meet someone who i wish so much to meet..
my beloved mei^^..
this is the first time i saw her..
a nice girl as what i thought, and is really pretty^^
love her so much, when i saw her..
dunno why i feel so touch, and she given me a warm hug=)
although we din really talk much..but i feel so happy^^
look forward to meet with her again..n not to forget her best frens..
hehe..they are becoming my frens too=)
i know that all of them are so kind to me..and care about me=)
thanks a lot...
a new year had started..hopefully everythings will be fine,
and everyone by myside will be happy and healthy=)