Friday, January 13, 2012


wow, it has been so fast one year passed,
in the year 2011, i have learn a lot of things,
one of the happy thing is i have meet a guy in my life,
i am happy because he bring me lot of happiness, and
the most important thing is he really take good care of me,
he treat me very nice, i can feel being protect by him..
one of the thing that i wish to say is sometimes he do not
have enough confident towards himself, and he always worried that
he cant give me the things that i want, and he scared even a
basic things he not afford to give to his own girlfriend..
But i got something to let him know here..(although i know he
will never see this post)* cause i think he never know i got a
blog here which is still active.
*you have did your best,to me seriously i am satisfy with what
you give me and how you treat me, you are the good guy that i met,
i am glad to have you by myside* =)
just that i think i do not do my best as a girl to you, i cant walk out
with you as other couples, but i am happy that you dont mind this=)
i evol ouy bee=) *(i still remember these is the word that u taught me
when we meet each other the first time..i will never change my mind no matter what

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since yesterday i had suffer the whole day cause of the neck pain..
until today is still painful..
and the more worst case is...
my neck swollen and painful at the same time..
at first i think that is a need to go n see doctor..
but mum say " lets paint some medicine on it first, if still
cant then have to go to see doctor"
the pain really make me so suffer..
i cant turn my neck neither to the right or left..
and it feels like a big stone is put on my neck..
feel so pain..
then i decide to take a nap..since i got nothing else to do..
after wake..i feel better but the pain is still there..
hmm..if still feel bad then money have to be spend again to go
to see doctor..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a sleepless night~

here i m bck..wish to express my feelings here..
Recently i found that there are many bad things happen..everynite i gt nightmare make me can sleep well..
Just very moody, everything just cant goes well with me, parental control already make me cant breath, other thing is also the same..i wish to text back to ppl but my phone is out of credit..i m tire, please dont let the sad thing happen once again, i just want to be understand, but why u alwaz cant help me to think on my side?
Please try to think on my side u will know how pressure i m..i m sure u noe how i feel
i dun wan thing to be worst..i juz wish to be appreciate, be care and be love,i noe i m nt prefect, please god i pray to u, please let everythg goes well

Thursday, February 10, 2011

House Visiting During CNY~

hmm..should be a bit late for me to post this out>.<
haha..but i just got time to share this now=)
this year chinese new year can consider as my most enjoyable chinese new year..
last sunday, my frens and i planned to go for house visiting at hutan melintang
and bagan datoh..
this will be my first time going there..
although is tiring..
but is really happy and satisfy~
have to thanks poh earn to fetch me and my frens goin there=)
we go many houses..
firstly we go chia yeh house..
her mum is so nice n kind..
she actually planned to cook us a lunch meal..
but due to the shortage of water, she took us to kfc..
n treat us a meal=D
next, we go for hui tyenge's house..
is a long journey traveling from chia yeh's house to her house..
after reach, she really welcome us so much..
she make us coconut, and she treat us her homemade wine made by herself=D
she is just so independent..
this is what i feel about her..=)
i start to think back on myself..
when i can be as well as her?
sometimes really feel that i m still live in my own world..
never grow...
but after this i hope i can be better~=D
wish to thanks to all of my frens, zyin, poh earn, licia, li ching, tyenge, and chia yeh..oww, not to forget beng yik too=P
hope so much we can have a chance to gather again~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese New Year is coming soon~

here i m back to update my blog since i have so long didnt update>.<

talk about the preparation before the Chinese New Year..
due to i m the one who staying at home all the time..
cleaning the house become parts of my "responsibilities">.<
then about buying the new clothings..
duno why this year is really hard for me to buy..
very hard to find clothes that suite me n my size..
so although went to kl..
i also just bought a 3 clothes only..still have pants not yet..
another things is..
i much prefer to shopping with my frens rather than with my parents recently..
because once they take u there..
their handphone will never away from them..
along the way to ipoh they spent 90% of their time on call>.<
although they drive..
and they seems like hav a lots of activities to carry on..
and the time for me to shop oso..
seems like rushing all the time..n just simply keep on told me..
"fast fast buy la, dun waste my time here"..
okie then fine..i just simply choose oder my new year still have some new clothes..
to tell the truth..
i prefer my family as the days before..
at least we got lots of time..spend with each other...
gather together..and have dinner together...
but anyhow..i still appreciate what i have now..=)
thanks God

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learn to forget??

there was a message sent to me saying that..
"if u love something, set it free.
If it come back to you, it is yours.
If it doesn't. It never was.."
many people ask me to forget about the past..
i know that everyone did this because they hope that
i will live better than the days before..
and out from the pain..
but actually..sometimes..
if we cant forget why should we??
sometimes we can try to put it in our heart..
if we cant forget then just let it be..dont try to force ourself..=)
all those good and memorable memories..
i wont forget..=)
just take it as a lesson, and we will be a beta one in the future..=)
i believe this^^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A memorable and nice trip~ i m here to share today's feelings~
yesterday one of my nasional service friends came to meet with me and my friend in Teluk intan..
is so touch that my friend is from Cameron Highland..
and she travel alone from cameron highland to kampar..
then to teluk intan..=)
i know this will be very tired..
but she say is worth..cause can meet us up..
and she stay in my house for a day=)
wai teng, my ns fren yee man and me are chatting non-stop yesterday nite..
until 5a.m!!
haha..times flies~
and the most important things is today early in the morning 8am we have to travel to ipoh..
this is the time i go ipoh by bus..only that i realized how tired is it..
spent 2 hours..
after arrived we go for bowling~=P
and shop for somethings special..i bought something to decorate my room..
hehe..if got chance will take down a picture to show all of u^^
reached home around 8pm..and is really tired, only now i realize..
those days how tired is someone..who willing to travel from ipoh to teluk intan..
each and every holidays..just to see a girl for around 10minutes..
but everythings is over..this had teach me a lesson that to apprecite someone..
who willing to sacrifies everythings for u..
everythings she/he does..please dont just take for granted..
somedays u will regret on what u had done..
a nice and enjoyable trip~^^ hope that soon we will meet again=) hehe