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Friday, January 13, 2012


wow, it has been so fast one year passed,
in the year 2011, i have learn a lot of things,
one of the happy thing is i have meet a guy in my life,
i am happy because he bring me lot of happiness, and
the most important thing is he really take good care of me,
he treat me very nice, i can feel being protect by him..
one of the thing that i wish to say is sometimes he do not
have enough confident towards himself, and he always worried that
he cant give me the things that i want, and he scared even a
basic things he not afford to give to his own girlfriend..
But i got something to let him know here..(although i know he
will never see this post)* cause i think he never know i got a
blog here which is still active.
*you have did your best,to me seriously i am satisfy with what
you give me and how you treat me, you are the good guy that i met,
i am glad to have you by myside* =)
just that i think i do not do my best as a girl to you, i cant walk out
with you as other couples, but i am happy that you dont mind this=)
i evol ouy bee=) *(i still remember these is the word that u taught me
when we meet each other the first time..i will never change my mind no matter what