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Sunday, June 12, 2011

a sleepless night~

here i m bck..wish to express my feelings here..
Recently i found that there are many bad things happen..everynite i gt nightmare make me can sleep well..
Just very moody, everything just cant goes well with me, parental control already make me cant breath, other thing is also the same..i wish to text back to ppl but my phone is out of credit..i m tire, please dont let the sad thing happen once again, i just want to be understand, but why u alwaz cant help me to think on my side?
Please try to think on my side u will know how pressure i m..i m sure u noe how i feel
i dun wan thing to be worst..i juz wish to be appreciate, be care and be love,i noe i m nt prefect, please god i pray to u, please let everythg goes well