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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese New Year is coming soon~

here i m back to update my blog since i have so long didnt update>.<

talk about the preparation before the Chinese New Year..
due to i m the one who staying at home all the time..
cleaning the house become parts of my "responsibilities">.<
then about buying the new clothings..
duno why this year is really hard for me to buy..
very hard to find clothes that suite me n my size..
so although went to kl..
i also just bought a 3 clothes only..still have pants not yet..
another things is..
i much prefer to shopping with my frens rather than with my parents recently..
because once they take u there..
their handphone will never away from them..
along the way to ipoh they spent 90% of their time on call>.<
although they drive..
and they seems like hav a lots of activities to carry on..
and the time for me to shop oso..
seems like rushing all the time..n just simply keep on told me..
"fast fast buy la, dun waste my time here"..
okie then fine..i just simply choose oder my new year still have some new clothes..
to tell the truth..
i prefer my family as the days before..
at least we got lots of time..spend with each other...
gather together..and have dinner together...
but anyhow..i still appreciate what i have now..=)
thanks God