Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A memorable and nice trip~ i m here to share today's feelings~
yesterday one of my nasional service friends came to meet with me and my friend in Teluk intan..
is so touch that my friend is from Cameron Highland..
and she travel alone from cameron highland to kampar..
then to teluk intan..=)
i know this will be very tired..
but she say is worth..cause can meet us up..
and she stay in my house for a day=)
wai teng, my ns fren yee man and me are chatting non-stop yesterday nite..
until 5a.m!!
haha..times flies~
and the most important things is today early in the morning 8am we have to travel to ipoh..
this is the time i go ipoh by bus..only that i realized how tired is it..
spent 2 hours..
after arrived we go for bowling~=P
and shop for somethings special..i bought something to decorate my room..
hehe..if got chance will take down a picture to show all of u^^
reached home around 8pm..and is really tired, only now i realize..
those days how tired is someone..who willing to travel from ipoh to teluk intan..
each and every holidays..just to see a girl for around 10minutes..
but everythings is over..this had teach me a lesson that to apprecite someone..
who willing to sacrifies everythings for u..
everythings she/he does..please dont just take for granted..
somedays u will regret on what u had done..
a nice and enjoyable trip~^^ hope that soon we will meet again=) hehe